Welcome to MoodMonitor!

MoodMonitor is a free tool to help you and your healthcare provider track your mood so that you know when it’s time to schedule another treatment.

A Note from Your Provider

Welcome to Ketamine Wellness Infusions! Please fill out survey and create a profile to start tracking your progress! I look forward to your first treatment and resetting your life!

What to Expect

1. Once you sign up, you will begin receiving a daily text message asking about your mood. Simply reply with a number between 1 (low) and 10 (high) to help keep track of your daily state.

2. Those ratings will be recorded in your chart, to which both you and your healthcare provider have access. You and your provider will work together to manage your care and keep your symptoms in check.

3. After receiving a treatment, you will start receiving a request via text every two weeks to answer a short survey about your current symptoms. It’s very important that you fill out this survey so that you and your doctor can follow your progress and keep your symptoms in remission.

Your mood data and personal information is stored on an encrypted server and will remain confidential.

Before you can start the service you must agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service