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Service and mood monitoring will continue without any disruption

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.

Ketamine therapy is changing lives, but it’s more than a simple prescription. We work with clinics to keep your treatment on track with our free mood and pain reporting system.

Keep Your Treatment On Track

Self-tracking helps you become more mindful of your mood, allowing you to seek help before you fully relapse. You can see your mood chart at any time, and if you see it start to dip, you can schedule a booster.

Better Outcomes Via Measurement-Based Care

According to one study, patients whose clinicians were receiving patient-reported symptom rating scale data showed a 28% greater improvement in outcomes, compared to those whose clinicians weren’t receiving feedback. "

Believe In A Higher Quality Of Care

MoodMonitor will help you feel more engaged in your care, giving you more control over your health. By graphing your mood, you and your provider will be able to see which interventions work and adjust your treatment plan accordingly.

When I get that daily text, it serves as a gentle reminder for me to pause before I answer and to take stock of how I am doing in utilizing the tools and habits that are available to me for staying well…”

- Patient at Michigan Progressive Health