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All existing MM clinics will not have their service interrupted

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.

Using our text messaging technology, we collect and chart your patients’ mood and pain data so you can provide better patient care and increase practice profitability.

Effective, Relevant Mood Monitoring

We use text message mood ratings and a single scale mood question proven to be a reliable, valid survey instrument by John Hopkins University. Access to clinically verified surveys, like the PHQ-9 and the BPI, further ensures you have the data you need.

Know How Patients Are Doing At All Times.

Our patient dashboard and reporting tools give you the up-to-date information and flexibility you need to make adjustments to your treatment plan, preventing relapse and promoting patients’ long-term health.

Increase Efficiency, Expand Your Practice.

Costly staff time spent on follow-up calls and emails can be refocused on growing and improving your practice. Your clinic will also be featured in our Directory, a vital resource for prospective patients seeking trusted ketamine clinics.

Treating clinicians should be able to ensure that rapid follow-up evaluations of [ketamine] patients’ psychiatric symptoms can be provided as needed.”

- from the American Psychiatric Association’s Consensus Statement on the Use of Ketamine in the Treatment of Mood Disorders

We give you accurate, relevant data…

at a glance:

  • know each patient’s average daily mood and/or pain score
  • see date of patients’ last treatments
  • quantify change in mood and/or pain since last treatments
  • evaluate patients’ most recent PHQ-9 and/or BPI scores

that’s easy to access, update and share…

at your fingertips:

  • administer clinically verified surveys in-office or via text
  • update or modify treatment plans
  • manage prescriptions and dosage
  • share encrypted, HIPAA-compliant reports with a therapist or other provider

so you and your patients can do better.

For your patient:
  • Greater mindfulness
  • More agency
  • Stronger communication
  • Better long-term health
For your practice:
  • More knowledge
  • Improved efficiency
  • Better care
  • Stronger practice