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MoodMonitor is a secure, reliable, easy-to-use reporting and monitoring tool trusted by over 50 ketamine clinics and their patients nationwide.

MoodMonitor is for


We'll help you

  • Collect and chart relevant mood and pain data using clinically verified surveys
  • Prevent patients from waiting too long to seek boosters
  • Improve your clinic’s efficiency and assure a high standard of care
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MoodMonitor is for


We'll help you

  • Increase mindfulness about changes to your mood and/or pain
  • Collaborate with your doctor to devise and manage your treatment plan
  • Stay on top of your progress with full access to your mood and/or pain data
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Did You Know?

Only 11% of patients will keep a pen and paper mood journal. "

More than 90% of patients keep up with daily mood monitoring via text message. "

How our mood monitoring system works:


MoodMonitor checks in with the patient via text message, requesting a mood score each day and sending a clinically verified surveys every other week.


MoodMonitor records and tracks the patient’s score, along with treatment details entered and updated by the patient’s doctor.


Doctor and patient access the patient’s chart to view or record treatments, and make informed, data-driven decisions about changes to the treatment plan.

MoodMonitor is HIPAA Compliant

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